KANAZAWA Satoshi   is associate professor at Kyoto Prefectural University. His publications on Faulkner include "'Midnight-colored' body--William Faulkner's 'Pantaloon in Black'" and "Nature of the 'big woods.'"
Book reviews on The Recontextualization of William Faulkner in Latin American Fiction and Culture. (2002)

KOYAMA Toshio   is professor at Kwansei Gakuin University. His publications on Faulkner include A Study of William Faulkner's Short Stories (1988).
Book reviews on A Reader's Guide to William Faulkner: The Short Stories. (2004)

Mary A. KNIGHTON   is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Tokyo. She recently published "Was Huck Burak(k)u?: Reading and Teaching Twain in Asian Pacific World Literatures," Mark Twain Studies 1.1 (Fall 2004): 90-110, and her current book project is on Faulkner and the Harlem Renaissance.
Book reviews on Games of Property: Law, Race, Gender, and Faulkner's Go Down, Moses. (2003)

Charles W. MACQUARRIE   is Assistant Professor of British Literature at California State University at Bakersfield/Antelope Valley, USA. His publications include "From Manannan to Bercilak: The Green Knight and the Gaelic Otherworld God in Disguise," in the refereed e-journal of Manx Studies Studeyrys Manninagh: October 2003.
Yoknapatawpha County and "Cracker Culture": a Study of the "Celtic" Component in Faulkner's Mythical South

Faulkner's Vision of Community: The Concept and Representations of "the People" in The Hamlet

MORI Arinori
Book reviews on Faulkner and War: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha 2001(2004)

Book reviews on The Text as a Labyrinth: The Invitation to Faulknerian Ecriture (2004)

NARASAKI Hiroshi   is Professor of Otsuma Women's University. His publications include "Saul Bellow and Dangling Man: From a Failure of Nerve to a Closing of an American Mind." The American Review 25(1991): 39-62.
Book reviews on Faulkner and Postmodernism: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha,1999 (2002)

OHNO Setsuko
Archaeology and Nostalgia: "The Fire and the Hearth" as a Story of Excavation

Maurice J. O'SULLIVAN   is Kenneth Curry Professor of Literature at Rollins College, Florida, USA. His major publications include Shakespeare Plays the Classroom (Sarasota: Pineapple Press, 2003), with Stuart Omans.
Bucklin Moon and My Brother Bill

Robert PHILLIPS   is Professor Emeritus at Mississippi State University and is currently Professor of English at Meisei University, Tokyo. He used to be editor of Mississippi Quarterly. His major publications include Shelby Foote: Novelist and Historian (Jackson: Up of Mississippi, 1992).
The Fury and the Sound of Absalom, Absalom!: Shelby Foote's Review

Book reviews on Balancing the Books: Faulkner, Morrison, and the Economies of Slavery

Absalom, Absalom! as a Hardboiled Detective Novel: Faulkner's Rereading of The Sound and the Fury