IMAOKA Naomi is professor at Kagawa-ken Meizen Junior College. Her publications on Faulkner include "William Faulkner and 'Pantaloon in black': Epistemological Space Beween the Writer and the Reader."
Bookreviews on Donald M. Kartiganer and Ann J. Abadie, eds., Faulkner and the Natural World

ITOH Shoko, a professor in American Literature at Hiroshima University, is the author of The Road to Arnheim: The World of Edgar Allan Poe(1986), Sauntering to the Inner Wilderness: Nature Writing and American Society (1998) and others.
Poe, Faulkner, and Gothic America

MORIOKA Takashi is associate professor at Wakayama National College of Technology. His publications on Faulkner include "Rosa's Narrative in Chapter 5 of Absalom, Absalom!: A Storyteller in the South" (1997). His other interests are in Appalachian literature and in bluegrass music.
"Jeremiad" in William Faulkner's Big Woods

"Honor" and "Dignity": The Framework of The Patriarchal Narrative and Black Resistance in Go Down, Moses

NAMIKI Nobuaki is professor of American literature at Senshu University. His publications on Faulkner include "The Image and the Text in The Sound and the Fury" He is also an editor and author of Fights and Wars in American Fiction (2000).A Bookreview on Robert W. Hamblin and Charles A. Peek, eds., A William Faulkner Encyclopedia(1999)

James G. Watson, William Faulkner: Self-Presentation and Performance (2000)

Irene Visser
True Writers' Gratitude: Faulkner and Hemingway as Parodists of Anderson

Michael Zeitlin Interiority and Depth of Field in As I Lay Dying